flaurena is a line of sculptural jewellery, hand-crafted by artist Lauren Vasil.

Lauren is fascinated by Mother Nature's striking colour combinations and patterns. The word 'flaurena' is a portmanteau of Lauren and flora and fauna. It was a nickname her best friend gave her in high school and now it perfectly sums up a personal collection of jewellery inspired by nature.

High Quality

Minimalist jewellery hand-crafted in sterling silver and 14-karat gold-fill. A splash of colour is introduced with eye-catching gemstones, Swarovski crystals, and other glorious beads.

Beautifully Unique

Jewellery as lovely as you are and as individual as your fingerprint. The intricate woven nature of each piece means no two are identical.

From Day to Night

Versatile jewellery that is easy to wear. Sophisticated and elegant pieces to pair with a cocktail dress or complement work attire, yet with the right amount of boho style to wear with jeans and a favourite tee.

flaurena: minimalist, bohemian jewellery.